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Tax Calculator, Federal 2011 TAX CALCULATOR 2011
Tax Calculator, Federal 2010 TAX CALCULATOR 2010
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Tax Calculator, Illinois 2010 ILLINOIS TAX CALCULATOR 2010
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About Us

Tax Calculators, Tax Rates, and Other Tax Information

What We Do

This site is dedicated to providing up to date information about taxes in the United States and several states.  The idea is to provide the most important information you need to help plan for tax liabilities. 

Tax Calculators

One of the unique features of this site is that it provides free tax calculators so that you can estimate your taxes very quickly with just a key few numbers.  The calculators are not meant to be comprehensive.  They are instead meant to be fast and easy to use.  Also, we do not ask for any of your personal information.  We don't ask for your email, telephone number, address, or name.  You can remain completely anonymous if you wish.

Future of

We are continually adding information to this site.  It is our intent to have a tax calculator for every state in the country that has an income tax.  So if you don't see your state now, don't worry, it will be here soon.  We also plan to provide tax calculators for tax year 2011 as tax rates and tax bracket information become available.  We already have a Federal Tax Calculator for 2011.


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